Lullaby Daycare


    Open slots for toddler or preschooler
* Parents Info*
*The Following forms are needed for enrollment (click below to download)*

What is needed for daycare before or by first day

Daycare Forms

Deposit and First week tuition

Payment Options: Cash, Zelle, Money Order or Check..

Check or Money Order written out to Katrina Savoy; Not Lullaby Daycare

Toddlers Supplies:

Pampers or Pull-ups and Wipes  ( Fresh Pack or Box)

Change of Clothes in (Zip lock Bag) Name on clothes

Sippy Cup if needed (Toddlers only)  Until moved over to big cup


External Preparation (Toddlers only)
Neosporin or similar ointment 
Insect repellent
Non-prescription ointment ( such as Vaseline) (A & D, Destin, Toddlers only)

Lullaby Daycare Policies  

The following rules pertain to Lullaby Daycare business policies.  These policies are non-negotiable and are legally binding.
A. Enrollment 
1. All forms must be completely filled out and returned before beginning daycare.  Deposit retainer is paid at time of enrollment.  This retainer is nonrefundable. 
2. The client understands that medicine forms must be filled out before any medication will be administered.  
3. Parent agrees to submit (on or before the first day of care) a copy of each child’s current immunization records.
4. A two-week notice and two-week’s payment must be given if parent decides to terminate their contract.  
5. The parent understands Mrs. Katrina is responsible for informing parent of any accidents occurring during the day.  Accident forms are filled out, signed, and filed into child’s history folder.
B. Payments
1. No spots will be reserved without an enrollment fee has been paid. (Deposit)
2. If by chance you get my one week free promotion deal, I (Katrina Savoy of Lullaby Daycare) choice the week. (Not Parent)
3.  I will not accept post-dated checks for daycare.  Check must be dated for the day services are being paid.  
4. If payments are to be made early due to holiday/closing it will be deposited the same day, therefore date the check for the day given.   
5. Payments are to be made on Monday or Friday mornings for next week care when your child is dropped off no exceptions.   
6. Late fees of $10 a day will be added daily beginning of Friday (weekend included).  If your payment is not received by Tuesday your child will not be accepted in my daycare until all fees are paid in full. 
7. I will not remind you to pay your daycare fees; you don’t have to remind your boss to pay you.     
8. Security Deposit is equal to one week of your child's fee. This fee will be applied to your child's last week. Its nonrefundable . 
9. If parent does not give a two-week written notice all payments are nonrefundable./ forfeited. If parent decided to not bring there child without giving a written notice all payments nonrefundable/ forfeited.
10. Returned checks will be assessed fees payable in cash or money order for: 1.The full amount of the check. 2. A $45.00 service fee my bank charges me, and 3. Any additional fees incurred by me as a result of your check not clearing. 4. Lullaby Daycare reserves the right to withhold the taxpayer Ein number from any parent that is in breach of contract or has a unpaid balance.  

Late Arrivals

The opening and closing  times are strictly observed. Everyone must be in the door by 9:00 am. Everyone must be picked-up by 6:00 pm. A $1.00 per minute late charge will be assessed to all parents picking children after 6:00 pm. Failure to pay late fee or frequent pick-ups may result in dismissal.


We Provide Breakfast, Lunch and Afternoon Snack following the Child and Adult Food Program (CACFP) and inculed in the rate.