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Hi, my name is Katrina. go by Trina. I have 1 daughter 5 yrs old. I also have 3 fish and two girl Yorkies small. My dogs are never in the daycare or around the children during daycare hours.  

 I have been caring for toddlers, and preschoolers for 25 years. I have worked with licensed agencies, and have been rewarded for one of the top daycare providers and the best daycare facilities. I have significant training in early childhood education, child development and family studies.
I am licensed by Office of Child Care Division
I am Child/Infant CPR and First Aid certified, and my daycare has been approved for fire exit and safety by Landover Hills Fire Department.


I love children, and I believe that they are the most amazing things in our lives. I enjoy working with children of all ages, and I love to see them grow and develop their social and personal skills. It is such an incredible feeling when I help them to learn new things and explore the world around them.

As a provider, I do understand your concerns for your children when they are being cared for by other people. When you leave your children at my daycare, you will realize that I do care for your children like they are my own. I operate my daycare by four principals; safety, healthy nutrition, interactive learning, and love... lots, and lots of love!


When I care for children, my primary goal is to keep them safe, nourish them with healthy food, create an environment for them so they can learn through play and having fun, and give them love, so they can live the life that all children deserve.

Safety is my number one priority. Children are vulnerable at these early ages, especially at toddler age. For the very same reason I have a dedicated space for my daycare. My facility is designed and built for daycare, so parents could have a peace of mind while I am caring for their children. I believe as children's there personalities, skills, and abilities develop during these early ages, their future fitness, eating habits and behavior will also be influence by how they are being nourished during this time. With that in mind, I only provide wholesome and freshly prepared homemade food at my daycare. When it comes to teaching kids, I think playing and interacting with others are the most effective way for children to learn, especially for toddlers. Toddlers have less patience for structured learning. Therefore, it is much easier and effective to keep them engaged while they are having fun and learning by singing, dancing, and playing. Last but not least, love is the most important factor in our children's lives, and also in my home. I believe nothing can replace a genuine affection that a child receives from you.

When people get to know me, my family, and my daycare, they learn that they don't just put their children in a daycare, they put their children in a true loving and caring home.

Yours truly,
Katrina Savoy.